Pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ - Acts 1:8

Centerpoint connects with missionaries in the US and around the world. We provide financial aid to people who answer God's call into full-time mission work, and we partner with evangelical Christian ministries.

Emma Wall

Nottingham, England

Emma has discovered her passion for college ministry while receiving endless support and teaching from a college ministry as a student at Auburn University. In her junior year she spent a semester serving with the Globalscope campus ministry in Scotland, which confirmed her call to reach college students with the love of Christ. Emma enjoys being involved in creating a community like the one she experienced for the students in Scotland. She believes that by building meaningful relationships with students, she and her teammates demonstrate what it means to have a relationship with Christ. Emma will serve with the Globalscope team in Nottingham, England beginning in 2021, where she will be part of a campus ministry that shows God’s love to students and provides a safe place where they feel accepted and learn about Jesus.

Prayer Request: For opportunities to grow in my faith and to invest in the people around me. Also to avoid procrastination, be joyful and hopeful when I face challenges during the preparation process, and to be brave as I ask people to partner with me and build relationships through this process.

Give to Emma: 

Erin and Pepe Acat



Living Missions Peru has long-term relationships with four locally-run churches and Christian ministries in Peru. Their goal is to see these ministries spreading the Good News of Christ in their communities. Pepe and Erin also partner with mission teams from the US and Canada, building bridges between churches and fostering “horizontal” relationships where both churches can be blessed.

Prayer Request: For wisdom to lead, empower and serve well. For God to continue to expand His Kingdom in Peru.

Nathan and Charity Alpert

Ensenada, Mexico

Nathan and Charity serve the Lord full time in Mexico through YUGO Ministries. “YUGO is community of believers from all over the world who are passionate about inviting the church to join us, as together we build sustainable change in Mexico.” The Alpert family leads a team of over 80 families who partner with local Mexican pastors to spread the Gospel, while hosting over 2,000 short term missionaries annually at YUGO’s ministry campuses.

Prayer Request: Continue to intercede for us that God would call workers into His harvest field.

Brian and Kathryn Jones


Brian and Kathryn Jones are on the mission field serving full time in the former Soviet country of Moldova. Stella’s Voice is an anti human trafficking organization that protects the world’s most vulnerable through prevention. In this organization, they work primarily with youth but also with younger children. Brian and Kathryn serve as house parents to 18 teenage girls, and and they also work as administrators with many more under their care. Among their many responsibilities, their favorite and most important one is to show the love of Christ to the young people in their care every day.

Prayer Request: Please pray for Brian and Kathryn to have wisdom in their daily lives as they love and parent the 36 young ladies who are part of Stella’s Voice. Please pray for our organization to be blessed as we work with local authorities and schools

Juan Strutton

Tijuana, BC

As director of the Orphan Care ministry at YUGO, Juan is committed to helping orphans through a variety of approaches. They empower, equip and encourage local churches to assist reuniting children, who have been removed, back with their biological families. They encourage foster care through the church community. Provide love and care in their group home, Casa Hogar de la Gracia. They encourage adoption as a way to live out the gospel when the biological family is not an option.

Prayer Request: Pray for good graces with the social services of Mexico and for more quality staff.

Allen Screws


Allen Screws is a full-time missionary prison chaplain with We Care prison ministries.  We Care’s mission is to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ through chaplaincy in the correctional setting.  They teach, mentor, and equip individuals with a vision to see the redemptive power of Christ become evident in the lives of inmates as they grow and make disciples in prison and beyond.  Missionaries with We Care trust God to provide for a major portion of their financial need through interested churches, family, and friends.  Allen has been a prison chaplain with We Care since 2011 and is currently serving as a chaplain at the Alabama State Department of Youth Services Facility at Mt. Meigs, AL and at the Frank Lee Work Center in Deatsville, AL.

Prayer Request: Pray for the protection and effectiveness of the We Care prison chaplains who are serving throughout the correctional system of Alabama. Ask God to lead and guide them to those who are ready for a relationship with Christ. Pray for the prisoners to respond to the Holy  Spirit and for the number of Christian disciples among the prison population to grow and reflect the light of Christ.

CCI Regional Director for India Subcontinent Countries (RD-ISC)

The mission of Crossing Cultures International (CCI) is to glorify God by equipping Christ followers globally with comprehensive training for effective ministry. Centerpoint Fellowship directly supports the Regional Director for the India Subcontinent Countries who oversees, trains, and develops Christian pastors and church leaders in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.  He and his family live in the Alabama River Region and routinely travels to areas of the world where the national governments and populations are often hostile towards Christianity.   For personal security reasons and to protect the ministry partners, we cannot list this individual’s name on our website.

Prayer Request: For personal protection while traveling, that God would arrange divine appointments with willing and teachable pastors and church leaders who need training, that God would equip these leaders to clearly teach God’s Word to new disciples, and for the brave  and faithful Christians in these areas who are under persecution.