Connect Groups

Connect Groups are small groups that meet weekly for thoughtful discussion, fellowship, support and encouragement.

Why are Connect Groups so important? 

Connect Groups provide an environment for us to intentionally grow in our relationship with God while connecting with other believers. Connect groups allow us to more effectively share the good news of Jesus Christ by reaching our communities together. At Centerpoint, we call this “living UP, IN, and OUT.”


Loving God more by cultivating a life of surrender, listening to God through His word, praying, and obeying what the Holy Spirit reveals to you


Loving others by thinking of others first, being kind, serving one another, and investing in life together in community


Making disciples by living arrows out to reach others in our communities for Christ by being aware of those around us, committing to praying for them, looking for practical ways to serve them, and being ready to share the gospel when the opportunity arises.

When and where do Connect Groups meet?

Weekly, on various days and times, typically in homes or other locations throughout the community.